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heelpainHeel pain is a symptom which can be caused by several different conditions, including nerve entrapment, fracture, growing pains, Achilles tendonitis, lower back issues and bursitis; but most commonly it is caused by plantar fasciitis. See the Conditions section of our website for definitions of these conditions.

Our podiatrist will examine your feet and likely take x-rays to identify your specific condition. Occasionally, an MRI is ordered to provide more detailed imaging of your foot and ankle. Conservative (non-surgical) treatment for heel pain often includes stretching, appropriate shoe gear, icing, anti-inflammatory medication, custom orthotics, avoiding barefoot walking, night splints, physical therapy and/or steroid injections. If conservative treatment fails or is deemed inappropriate for your condition, then surgical options are discussed.

If you have heel pain, don’t put it off any longer. Call to make an appointment so we can get you back to pain-free living !


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