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fungal-nailsFungal Toenail Treatment (Onycomycosis) is a serious condition involving fungal infection of the toenails. This infection is acquired by contact with a fungal element. Some common soarces of fungus are bathroom surfaces, locker room surface and bodily contact. Onycomycosis is also acquired by the spread of fungus from a athletes foot fungus infection of the skin. Diagnosis of this condition is easily made by a simple toenail biopsy which is performed in our office. There are many treatments for Onycomycosis. Successful treatment often involves combined therapies. Our podiatrists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition and our treatment outcomes are excellant. Effective treatments that we offer include: Painless Laser treatment, Oral and Topical anti-fungal treatment, Surgical treatment, Patient education and prevention protocols.

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